• Carolyn

Happy NEW year!

This year, the "NEW" in Happy New Year has such a huge significance, don't you think?

I don't know about you, but I've never really paid much attention to what NEW meant to me. I mean, yes, I understood the start of a new year meant we had to get used to writing a different year on our checks. (Who even writes checks anymore? LOL) But for the most part, one year just rolled in to the next.

This year, however, this one little word NEW, holds a lot of hope for many of us.

If you're a business owner and were able to stay afloat in 2020, CONGRATULATIONS and YAHOO! I applaud you and thank you for your resilience! Moms and Dads who have had to become home-school teachers whether they ever wanted to or not - YOU are AMAZING! First responders and front line workers, holy smokes, I have no words to express my gratitude! And for those of you, that were fortunate enough to keep your jobs but had to figure out how to set up your office in your home amidst your kids, animals and spouses (that's a whole other story), YOU done GOOD! If you lost a family member or beloved friend in 2020, my heart breaks for you. I lost my Uncle Mike in October, not to Covid, but the fact that we could not be with him is almost unbearable. He was 100 years old!!!

We survived all of that and now 2021 is here and the hope of something different is energetically in the air. It may be a tiny flicker but it's up to us to really light that sparkler! There are lots of ways to regain our power, to empower ourselves to make the changes that WE ourselves can make.

I am starting with this blog! It's the first one I've ever written! And one of my goals for the NEW. I've WRITTEN down my other goals and I'm making a Dream Board thanks to www.liveyourdreamboard.com! I've chosen my word of the year, I'm practicing my breathing, I'm decluttering, and working out three times per week. I tell you all of this because I need to hold myself accountable, no matter what. It's always so easy for me to set these goals for myself BUT so DIFFICULT to stick to them! But not this year, baby!

All of these dreams or goals are great, but I need to take the time to work out the action steps that are associated with each goal. Parcel it out, if you will. Oh and another biggie, give myself deadlines. When we have a plan of action and a timeline, it triggers our brain to get with the program. And when our brain is truly on board, amazing things start happening!

So what amazing things have you got planned for yourself this year? What's your stretch goal, the one thing that sounds so audacious, almost too scary to say out loud? Say it, write it, believe it! What if this is THE year? I'm here with you, every step of the way! Hey, we can be accountabilibuddies!

Take advantage of the NEW-Ness of the year! Feel the energy and get creative! The universe is just waiting for you to make your move.

Wishing you health, love and abundance!


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